Edinburgh International Surface Link (EISL) is a proposed rail link to Edinburgh Airport. Two options are presented here:

Either proposal will provide:
EISL A provides:
EISL B provides:

These proposals are compatible with and complementary to the Scottish Government’s proposals for a new railway station at Gogar, providing interchange with Edinburgh’s trams to the airport, but only if that station is sited south of the A8 road. The proposals also replace the need for any other rail works after building Gogar station, specifically the Government’s proposed Dalmeny chord, whose function either of these proposals would more than fulfil.

The purpose of these initial proposals is to solicit interest in developing the proposals further to demonstrate their feasibility, confirm a business case, identify funding options, refine the proposed alignments and refine the cost estimates. Readers are invited to consider the merits of the two proposals (EISL A and EISL B) and to comment on the benefits and disadvantages of each. Readers are encouraged to identify any technical shortcomings in the proposed alignments or outline design and to propose improvements. The proposals will be updated and refined to reflect constructive comments received.

Comments on the proposals are welcome and should be sent to:

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