These proposals have been drafted to stimulate discussion and encourage stakeholders to consider the merits of the proposals. No liability will be accepted for any errors or omissions in this paper. Readers must satisfy themselves about the accuracy of statements made here, especially about the costs and technical feasibility of the proposals. The proposals presented here currently have no endorsement by any regulatory, planning or statutory authority. Therefore there are no implications for land acquisition or property values.

Diagrams and figures have been drawn from sources which are within the public domain but which are nonetheless the copyright of the authors. In particular, the alignment maps have been created by overlaying the map presented in the EARL Environmental Statement of 2006 which itself used Ordnance Survey data. These proposals are provided to stakeholders free of charge and their preparation has attracted no remuneration. Anyone copying this material must likewise not seek any financial gain from the copyright material included within it nor perform any act which could cause the copyright owner to suffer financial loss.